Slurry Ice is an ice crystal suspension in an antifreeze solution.

Several research projects developed by our company have given us a great insight about the best ice conditions for each application, allowing us to create the most suitable equipment for the specific needs of every application and product, with automatic distribution systems and low-salinity slurry Ice.

We manufacture custom compressor units that can work with natural refrigerants or with fluorinated gases. This allows you to select the most suitable model for your cold installation needs.

Our units are simple and reliable, and have a long life span.

Suitable to cool any water flow to temperatures up to 0 °C. Using the best refrigerant for each production guarantees a high energy efficiency.

Airlocks consisting on a treated-air barrier that prevents air leaks from the outside to the cold storage area. They can be opened using an remote control or a handle, and they feature an automatic or timed lock.

Among other benefits, they improve the quality of the stored products and the efficiency of the cold system.

Energy savings pay off their installation costs in only one or two years.

Ammonia absorbs moisture (that is, water) at a very high rate, and the presence of water in NH3 requires lowering the evaporation pressure of equipments in order to get the same evaporation temperature and the same thermal exchange, thus reducing the installation’s performance. This loss of cooling capacity amounts to about 1% for every 1% of water in ammonia. Moreover, the presence of water in NH3 degrades oil faster, decomposing it and increasing circuit corrosion.

An automatic purger is a device that you can install in the high pressure area of a cold installation to lower its condensation pressure and improve its energy performance by removing the non-condensable gas content from the cold circuit.